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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hi Guys!, today I am back with something which always surrounds our minds, and in a sense, people have created false beliefs surrounding the same here in India. So, I have come up with a lot of analytics and data points to debunk your myths😉.

ByteBlogs (What is Ping?)

What is this?

This is somewhat different from our regular posting style😉. We, this time, have worked the whole last month testing multiple VPN (Virtual Private Networks) on tons of data points on a single provider to obtain comprehensive metric inclusive variable location-based VPN (Virtual Private Network) testing results in context to India. The word "comprehensive" is highlighted because collecting and presenting data concisely is challenging and requires much patience!😅

What is the misconception?

When I asked many random people what is their main criteria are while selecting a VPN service?

Their answer in a monotone said "low ping," because as per their explanation, it meant better download and upload speeds, and they might be correct in a sense, but a lot of this depends on the VPN service providers, and for the same, I have come up with eye-opening analytics that will debunk this myth so, that you all can never make a wrong consumer choice😙.

After listening to these words, you would be like,

ByteBlogs (What is Ping?)

Sandbox Environment 😁:

Bounded Parameters:

  • Default Ping: 1ms

  • Default Download Speed: 50 Mbps

  • Default Upload Speed: 50 Mbps

Utilities Tested:

  • NordVPN Premium

  • MelonVPN Premium

  • PowerVPN Premium

Now, let me substantiate my claim with the help of analytics.,.


Now, what I did was that I purposely picked up very harsh pings on their servers, and noted down their download speeds and upload speeds, and plotted the graphs for the same. I also verified whether their speeds were practical or not with all VPN providers; in most cases, they were.

NordVPN and ByteBlogs
Aesthetics! 😅


Even in the harshest of pings, NordVPN survived all of them and retained the download speeds very well. In some instances, the speeds even crossed the pre-set threshold of 50 Mbps; I don't know how it bypassed; I will indeed check upon the same. The graph is more reliable in the case of NordVPN since they have tons of servers to test off, resulting in more unique data sets😏!

In terms of upload speed, the speed never touched the mark of 50 Mbps, but in 95% of the cases, it was above 45 Mbps (So, 90% Speed Retention).

MelonVPN and ByteBlogs
Generic logo used. (Image only for representational purpose)


MelonVPN performed well on this front with a limited pool of servers, but their datapoints were mainly repetitive due to their small server size compared to NordVPN.

MelonVPN and ByteBlogs

The results on this side were very harsh, there were frequent drops in the upload speeds, and drops were too severe to sustain. In some cases, the speeds even tried to touch the 0 mark, which is I guess is not right.

Special Note: Several servers (10% of the total data pool) failed, which means no response from their side while testing.

PowerVPN and ByteBlogs
Generic logo used. (Image only for representational purpose)


The results were very harsh for PowerVPN. It performed worst in most of the cases, and only in some rare instances the speed peaked at 49 Mbps. It also had a limited pool of servers but was more significant in number than MelonVPN, so results were repetitive in a sense.

Similar results were obtained for upload speeds. No uniformity in results for PowerVPN🥲.


Concluding this, you must have understood that it is more essential to select the right service provider rather than stick to assumptions. In contrast, I agree that multiple factors affect download and upload speeds (We will talk about them someday😎!), but again I would reiterate it is essential to choose the exemplary service provider because if a VPN service provider is not able to retain their speeds on high ping, why would people use it instead!

Special Mention:

NordVPN and ByteBlogs

NordVPN really did a commendable job, and I personally use their services to fulfill my needs, and if you like, you can consider subscribing to them (I pinky swear, no paid promotions involved as of now😌! just appreciation of the results).

Disclaimer: This blog in no way intends to defame a particular VPN service provider, and the data is purely formed on hard evidence basis and the results we obtained in our context, while individual results may vary.

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