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Alkaline Water?

Hey Guys!, I hope you all are doing well. As the new month hits up, I am back with something exciting😉!

As the title drops some literal hints, let me introduce the term around which this very whole market retails Alkaline water😚,



pH: often referred to as "Power of Hydrogen" in layman terms. It is a scale that denotes the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution.

Now, before we proceed, let's pour some water.


What Exactly is Alkaline Water?

Water with a higher pH level (upwards of 7) on a pH scale.

How it's different?

Now, this is undoubtedly the main point of today's blog. So, to simplify things, we have something for you guys😉.


"Alkalen," one of the largest companies in the Alkaline Water Industry, supplied us with the bottles to feel the difference.

But as usual we did something different😁,

  1. At first, we poured a few drops (s) of ORP test solution, and as the water was alkaline, the test came negative; see the image below, the water turns pale pink, which means it has negative ORP. Otherwise, it would have been colorless.

The water sourced from "Alkalen" turn pink
What does this mean?

ORP stands for Oxidation-reduction potential. It signifies whether a particular substance is an oxidizing or a reducing agent. In the above case, alkaline water turns out to be a reducing agent, enabling it to have anti-oxidant properties. I guess most of us here have heard the word "anti-oxidant," so go check out on the internet the benefits of anti-oxidants!

Also, tap water and regular packed water bottles give a positive reading on ORP Test, meaning they remain colorless.

2. Secondly, we did a pH test as "Alkalen" claims to be India's first Alkaline water brand with a pH of up to 9.5. So, we first dropped a few drops of pH solution in the glass, and instantly the water was hued with blue-purple, and as per the scale that came with the test kit, the pH lies in the range of 9.5-10. So, the claims stand legit in our tests.

Observe the blue-purple hue.,.

3. We did check its TDS (inorganic salts and small amounts of organic matter present in solution in water); it was in the range 94-96 PPM in our TDS meters which makes it absolutely fit for consumption as per standards.

What is the feel?


The people who tasted it for the first time reported a little sweetness over regular water. Please, interpret the meaning of "sweetness" in context to water😅. For me, there was no difference in taste or feel.

What difference does it create?


When asked about its benefits and the difference Alkaline water creates from the perspective of a health freak, I was told that it helps them with better hydration, less muscle fatigue, prolonged workout periods. In contrast, when asked from a lifestyle perspective, people said that it feels light to them, and they feel good about gut health. So, answers are differentiated based on their utility.

Should I adopt it in my lifestyle?


It is purely your call whether to adopt it or not, but I would suggest trying out it once, and if you feel the difference, you can consider going forward for it.

So that is the end of today's ByteBlog, and I hope you guys liked it. I will be back with something exciting next month😙. Till then, I wish you good health😊.

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