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Exhale & Inhale !

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I hope you guys are doing well. Today I am going to take up something that serves as the very basic cause of our life.

Lungs ! That's Right

I conducted a short survey (Sample Size in Hundreds) on general people (physical & online) to know if they knew how lungs work. The results were rather non-convincing with only 25 % of people knowing the actual mechanism. I decided to choose this topic straight away.......

Now leaving these conversations behind, let's address the fundamental mechanism of working.


When we inhale (intake air), the diaphragm contracts and becomes flat and the chest cavity swells which results in a partial vacuum. This vacuum is responsible for pulling the air in. In Exhalation (reverse of inhalation), the diaphragm relaxes and returns to its dome shape which releases the air out.


In the above 3-D model select take 1 (visible where the static pose is written ) and then run.

Now let's dig more,


Now the taskmasters of this process are alveolus (Singular Alveoli). These alveoli are tiny air sacs where the exchange of gasses takes place. They take up the incoming oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Extra Bits,

  • Oxygen Rich Blood is called Oxygenated Blood.

  • Blood having low oxygen saturation is called De-Oxygenated Blood.



I hope you got the basic insight into the process. My constant effort is to deliver the type of content which is understandable by the masses. Also, it is my sincere apologies that if you ask any questions regarding this blog the response might get delayed because my inbox is flooded with questions (related to previous blogs). Till the time, the new blog comes up! Stay Healthy and Happy 😉.

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