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How do your hotel bookings turn out every time?

So what's up? Today I am back with something very common to us, yet most people do not know about it yet. On the other note, I have redesigned the website's landing page and revamped the whole logo based on your feedback. How does it seem now?

Our traditional welcome style! 😉

Whenever you are heading to your next holiday escape, you might have boggled yourself up searching through tons of websites. But have you ever taken the time to understand what all things connect them in between? If not, then let's begin another ByteBlogs!

Image Courtesy: Raffles Udaipur (Newly Launched 😍)

Assume yourself heading to this beautiful escape, but at the last moment, you get to know that this particular hotel is sold out across all sets of travel websites. Or its even possible that some selected websites have this hotel available while others have status showing sold out.

There is a simple reason for this if the hotel has a centralized booking engine. The hotel rooms inventory is updated across all travel websites at once, or the other way out, the hotel may allocate a fixed number of hotel units to a particular travel website, so here the travel websites which sells off all the units simply says sold out while others who cannot sell off the units allocated to them still have the availability.

But here, we would be talking only about the centralized booking engine.

For your sake! 😅

So after inferring details from the above image, your mind must be revolving around the words Global Distribution System (GDS). This is the connecting node between the hotels, airlines, etc., and the travel agents. A GDS is generally a marketplace for travel agents to shop hotel inventory, airfares, cruises, etc., and then sell it to you. And nowadays the travel agents directly integrate their websites with GDS to make it possible for you as a customer to book almost everything related to travel in a blink.

Most notable GDS(s) in this competitive market are Amadeus, TravelPort & Sabre.

So that was it from my side in something concise that is why we call us ByteBlogs!, and sincere apologies this time also because there are multiple things lined up for me over the upcoming months, so there would be a delay in the replies, but I am trying up hard to leave no backlogs in the responses, till then bye!

Please, do watch this video if you want to explore more on this:

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