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A Walkthrough of USB ( One of the Greatest Inventions)

I hope that you and your family members are doing well in these tough times, so today I will discuss about USB (Universal Serial Bus) and before diving deep let me clear some basic concepts,

Meaning of a Bus ?

In computer terminology a bus simply means a communication system that transfers data from and to device component(s).

Meaning of a Driver ?

A driver is a set of files that contains how to function, when to function dedicated to a hardware.

Eg: Your computer graphic card has a dedicated driver (more on this later)

So lets begin...

One cannot imagine the progress the world has made with USB's, and the credit for this goes to Mr. Ajay Bhatt who really made India proud.

According to me the factors that contributed to the success of USB's are its compatibility, adaptiveness, speed (which is improving as we are progressing), simplicity etc.

Most commonly everyone has seen USB A-Type, it might be possible that you didn't knew the name so that's not an issue I have a picture for you,

Well the name isn't correct yet every type of a USB has further two subtypes of USB:

  1. Male (The One in the picture above)

  2. Female

You might be asking, are you serious ? The answer is Yes, for better understanding I have a one more picture for you,

So, I guess the story till now is clear and simple to understand. Further, let me introduce to the types of USB's,

So from this you must have got an overview of it. So, without wasting any more time let me explain you its working,

Observe the image below ,

Image Credit: (Brilliant Job for these detailed labeling(s))

So now whenever a USB is plugged into a device (lets consider a PC for sake), the PC detects it and tries to establish a communication channel between the device and the PC (remember driver as told in the starting of this blog and try to figure out it yourself).

Once the PC has recognized the USB, it transmits a set of codes to the USB's system software to recognize it and assign an address to it, and this address is used to identify the the devices if it is re-plugged in future. Also, for some reason if the address is not assigned then the PC won't recognize that particular device. In some part of your life you must have faced recognition issues with USB device(s), I guess mostly for Pen Drive(s),

Childhood memories recalled 😁 after seeing this, remember the time when we used to screw ourselves playing with this error....

Now the standard USB Type-A cable has four pathways,

  1. Two power connectors

  2. Two twisted signal connectors

In the above labelled diagram GND and +5 V labelled wires and pins (on other end) are responsible for power whereas DATA+ and DATA- labelled wires and pins are responsible for data transfer.

Note: I have considered USB Type-A so that you all can have easy understanding.

So this was a walkthrough of one of the greatest inventions of all time.

So as a basic I guess this amount of content is enough for today (more on this topic later) and don't forget that you can always connect with me using the box below and apologies for the late replies for you previous questions since I am still single 😉 and need to answer all of them myself, so please bear with the late replies and thank you all the readers for infusing motivation every day in me & my blog.

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